Thor: Why Marvel’s version isn’t the real Norse god, a brief history of the comic book character, and speculations on the film

Now I’m not saying that the Thor movie is going to be bad, but I am saying it could be (like any other film not yet released).  What’s important to know, is that Thor is never sent to Earth as a human version of himself for being arrogant towards his father (Odin).  Thor is sent to Earth as a medical student (having no idea that he is a god) named Donald Blake for being arrogant.  Big difference right?  I know, I know, not that huge, but still a point that very drastically changes Thor’s character.  It’s important to know the actual roots of the character Thor, and that is he is a Norse god. Continue reading


Television: Not Sure How I Feel About This One

Television is widely known as the idiot box or something turning our brains to mush making us all zombies!  I don’t subscribe necessarily to that radical belief, but I do believe too much television is bad.  Don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of amazing programs on the airwaves these days, but I feel as though this were something we should all take in moderation.  I know what you’re thinking, “But Tucker, I can’t live two seconds without remaining confused about the next episode of Lost!” You, sir or madam, have a problem.  It isn’t about making sure you view it the second you can or else you won’t be able to live.  It’s about appreciating the artistic value of the piece of writing/acting that counts. Continue reading

The Green Lantern Post (in anticipation for the film)

As far as superhero mythology goes, Green Lantern is a fuzzy one having his beginning in an issue of All-American Comics in 1940.  Yet, he is not the modern Green Lantern.  Alan Scott’s powers come from a magic lantern that he found in which he forged a magic ring.

I don't know what's more weird, Alan Scott (Green Lantern) running on a sky scraper beam, or the other guy shooting at him with a tommy gun... Somehow...

Continue reading

The First (and hopefully last) Hate Post By Yours Truly

I’ve avoided this for a very long time, but I can’t avoid it any longer, damn it!  I’m going to say this only once (probably), and then you will never hear me complain about it again (probably not).  I am an advocate against both Zack Snyder, and Michael Bay.  PHEW… Wow, that feels good.  They just don’t make good science fiction/fantasy work.  Look at Robert Rodriguez, Sam Raimi, or Peter Jackson.  These three artists are well-known for their ability to tackle these literary facets very well.  Zack Snyder and Michael Bay DO NOT! Continue reading

Science Fiction/Fantasy Romance and Why it Needs to Exist, Period.

Unless you really love Days of Our Lives, you don’t really want to watch or read something that is only straight romance and drama.  But, if you really love your intergalactic space battles, and your Helms Deep last stands, you still want to see characters getting their love thing on.  I mean, no one wants to turn on a film like Star Wars and not have Princess Leia tell Han Solo, “I love you,” and have him respond, “I know.”  That shit’s just a part of the magic! Continue reading

Hiatus: I Need to Do Graduate School Crap

Hello everyone, you may remember me as someone who actually wrote on this blog. This semester has been kicking my ass… So, as of right now, I need to focus on that and getting my graduate school applications in on time.

Always yours,
Your humble servant,
All of my love,
Tucker Paul Stempler

The Science Fiction Post (It’s About Damn Time)

First off, to all of my loyal readers (all five of you), I am so, so sorry for how long it has been since I’ve posted.  Summer is here, and me being the spry twenty something year old that I am, I have no choice but to be a twenty something year old (yeah… that makes sense).  Anyway, I’ve recently come out of a very strict summer semester of school, needed to take a week or two to recharge my batteries and now I’m back!  So, let’s not waste any more time.  My personal favorite science fiction writer happens to be Phillip K. Dick.  He is just the right amount of paranoid and insane to keep me interested.  I mean don’t get me wrong, I love deep space science fiction as much as the next guy, but when you can remain super sci-fi and not require an intergalactic battle every once in a while to keep your audience, you are on a good path. Continue reading

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