Enough Digital geekyness, what about the Physical?

I’ve been spending a lot of time away from digital media, television, and computers (gasp!), and found a world of geekocity where these usually specified geeky things are not allowed. Think of it as a time where you don’t have to stare at retina displays, or LCD monitors, or hold a rumble enabled controller (even though you certainly do want to most of the time) and just play with cards, dice, paper, pens, plastic or wood pieces.   There are board games out there that aren’t made by Hasbro, involve the words Monoply, have only to do with a fictional world ironically called “LIFE”, or involve an end game of world domination (even though I certainly do want most games to involve word domination).  These games are fun, hilarious, super nerdy, well priced, and you’ve never heard of them.  You may not be as lucky as I am where you can find a store that both sells these games and holds events free of charge for poor people such as myself to come and enjoy games (Insert Gammaraygamestore.com plug here), but these games are still available out there.  All you have to do is find them.  Find a local store if at all possible, but if not, there are always options over the internet (cough, Amazon.com, cough).  Take a few of your closest geeky inclined friends and discover the wonderful world of FLUXX games, or Settlers of Catan, or Fortune and Glory, or Dominion, or Bang!, or Eminent Domain, or The Walking Dead Board Game, or Arkham Horror, or Battlestar Galactica the Board Game, or any number of other amazing options for you to choose!  Trust me, your eyes, carpal tunnel hands, and stiff backs will thank me.

If anyone reading has an interest I’d be happy to post some guides to understanding some of these games so you can gauge more whether or not a game is for you before you go out and spend money on them.

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