iPhone 4s: What’s The Big Deal?

The iPhone 4s.  Is it new? Yes.  Do you need one? It really depends.  Do any of us really need one? No, of course not.   It’s a cool gadget, and of course with the Apple name you are getting style, versatility, and simplicity.  Yet, do you as a consumer of products need to change whatever phone you are using right now for a shiny new 4s?  Four Million sales of the device in one week say yes.   A number of users within the smart phone community are upset with the lack of any real physical changes (the outer shell of the device remains visually identical to the iPhone 4, many have joked that to upgrade one’s iPhone 4 all you really need is a little sticker to put an “s” next to your 4.  All jokes aside, the new phone is ironically not that new of a tactic for Apple.  When Apple “changed everything” with the iPhone 3g, people were very happy with it.  When they next decided to only refresh the “3g” adding some internal upgrades and slapping an “s” on it people were outraged!  Think about it though, how easy is it for a company to manufacture a product that they make certain parts for only last one year.  Think about the people that have to redesign the outside, all the while working with the people who have to Tetris style fit everything inside this new outside, all the while holding onto the basic conventions of a phone (Plug to make fun of iPhone 4 signal weakness), all the while finding the materials at a fair cost and in large enough bulk to justify selling it at the price that they do, all the while turning a profit, all the while impressing consumers to make that profit (that’s a lot of all the whiles).  Trust me, there is a lot more involved with a new iPhone coming out then just Apple was lazy.

New things in the phone start with a personal assistant, a stronger camera, a better antenna for calls, 3g, and wifi, better processing power for fast device usage, and the ability to work anywhere in the world there is a cell phone signal (even if it costs waaaaaay too much money, the option is there people!).  I have an iPhone 4s, and it was a decision made because I do not have an iPhone 4 or equivalent smart phone.  I had a 3gs, and whether or not I got a 4s, or an android phone, or a windows mobile phone it was time to upgrade.  If you have a 4 do I think you should get a 4s? no.  Because the only difference is a few upgrades, and the fact that you are gaining 99% of the new software features, I do not think it is worth shelling out a premium to early upgrade to this device.  If you have anything older should you get a 4s?  It really is up to you, I like it.  But you may find that getting the hot new Galaxy Nexus, or an HTC windows phone, or any number of other billion good non iOS (software for the iPhone) devices out there.  The point is do your research, find out if the features of the phone benefit you, and make a decision accordingly.

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