2 Day Shipping has Ruined me and my Generation

I’m a product of this new generation that requires instant gratification, but to blame our generation for this tendency is not 100% correct.  Look at all of the different things trying to distract me from having patience.  

Amazon wants to give me free 2 day shipping (which is the main culprit to my expectations), Netflix, Amazon (again), and Hulu really want me to watch things instantly from my TV without having to go anywhere or do really anything to gain it.  Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Nintendo, Steam, Amazon (again, again) want me to download instantly different forms of entertainment through the Internet.  It isn’t that I have no patience, it is that people out there don’t want me to have patience.  Companies and service provides are forcing me to expect things fast and before the week is over.  This kind of mentality is bleeding across to other forms of services, entertainment, and media.  It is killing me that the new iPhone I ordered is going to take 7 days to ship to me.  7! Do you understand how long 7 days is to someone of my expectations?  I’m super privileged, I get that.  I understand that people can argue that not even five years ago expecting something as fast as I expect them would be ridiculous.  I agree!  You have to understand, that in today’s world these kinds of expectations have been thrust upon me, forcing my hand, and making me fall in line with their speedy ways.  If the empire were about establishing speedy delivery service all the while putting out those 5-10 day delivery rebel scum I would totally be one of those nondescript officers for the Empire.  As horrible as it sounds this is apart of my understanding of the world that I do not want to give up.  I ordered seven out of the eight Harry Potter movies for a ridiculous discount on Blu-ray the other day and had it show up at my door two days later.  I can’t give that up!  It’s like realizing water is better filtered or in the bottle then out of the tap.  I’m hooked, and it’s not going to change now.  In fact, I implore the technological world to work on teleportation, because we all know that either Amazon will develop it (and the spin off film The Kindle: half man half kindle will spawn), or that the technology will be first used to send useless consumer products to each other and not interstellar travel (the way our economy works anyway).  Take a back seat Star Trek, you may not have money in the future, but we sure as hell have money now.

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