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Batman Begins: The Hybrid Child of A Long Halloween and Batman Year One

Batman Begins is an amazing piece of cinema directed by Christopher Nolan, and is an interesting new Batman film put up against Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher.  While Tim Burton famously made Gotham very dark and edgy with Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Jack Nicholson as the Joker, and Joel Schumacher… did his best…; Christopher Nolan’s Batman chooses to find more inspiration with recent incarnations of the beloved character.

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iPhone 4s: What’s The Big Deal?

The iPhone 4s.  Is it new? Yes.  Do you need one? It really depends.  Do any of us really need one? No, of course not.   It’s a cool gadget, and of course with the Apple name you are getting style, versatility, and simplicity.  Yet, do you as a consumer of products need to change whatever phone you are using right now for a shiny new 4s? Continue reading

Cloud Technology: Paving the Way to a Digital Frontier

The Cloud is an interesting idea.  Think about how not so long ago the only place we could count on accessing our data was locally, or on a disk.  As hard drives get smaller in size and larger in digital space while the internet becomes a technological marvel it is now possible to save your data over the internet to a hard drive space somewhere in the world and not have to save the data locally.  Yes, things like remote desktop have existed for years, but never as fluid as it is right now.  Even video game companies are cashing in on cloud technology.  There is an alternative to owning a console or pc these days.  You buy their set top box and it accesses a number of different video game titles remotely for you to cloud play.   Cloud storage is the way of the future, and it is scary as hell.

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2 Day Shipping has Ruined me and my Generation

I’m a product of this new generation that requires instant gratification, but to blame our generation for this tendency is not 100% correct.  Look at all of the different things trying to distract me from having patience.   Continue reading

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