Let’s Keep This Train Moving: The Captain America Post

Writing about Green Lantern: always a good time.  Writing about Thor: it was an experience.  Writing about Captain America (right now!): Hell yeah.  I was always a DC fanboy growing up.  Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Martian Man Hunter, and The Flash (to name a few) have always captured my tiny heart and forced me to shun Marvel for ages.  As I’ve matured, it is easy to analyze and interprate the differences in each universe and praise each for their continuity (or pick their futile attempts at entertaining the masses apart like lambs to the slaughter!).  All in all, as I’ve read in the last year, universe-wide storytelling goes to Marvel hands down. Bringing together all of the heroes and villains of the Marvel universe has been much better tackled than their DC counterparts.

I love the idea of Captain America. He represents a pulp sort of time for this nation that promotes kicking ass for the American way of life and punching Nazis in the face. Who can’t get behind that (I mean really, who doesn’t feel good seeing a Nazi get punched in the face unless they’re maybe the Nazi getting punched.)? Anyway, the point is how do you take a World War II war hero and put him in the present without him getting old, allowing him to represent an old school American way of life while dishing out justice? You freeze him in a cryogenic like state! Thats how (duh).

Nothing in this world could possibly make me feel more warm and fuzzy than this photo.

Yes, that is Captain America punching Hitler in the face. And yes, he actually did this a year before Pearl Harbor in 1940 at the beginning of the war in Europe. The issue (issue #1) sold almost a million copies. I honestly have to say it would be difficult to top this origin. Oh, hey Fantastic Four, you guys were transformed by radiation in space which gave you your powers? Well, I’m Fucking Captain America, I punch Hitler in issue #1! You really cannot beat that. It’s priceless.

Captain America is actually a man named Steve Rogers who is weak and frail. He undergoes a secret government procedure to be turned into a super soldier with a syrum (say super soldier syrum 10 times fast). The project is a success but not without the classic sabotage by a Nazi spy preventing reproduction allowing Steve Rogers to be the only super soldier created. And thus, Captain America is born. So, he really only started as a somewhat exploitation character feeding the masses who believed in good vs. evil, allowing for Captain America to represent all that is good about America, and the purposes for fighting in World War II.

Captain America has a sidekick who is a younger boy and fights with him in Europe against Nazis. His name is Bucky (James Barnes), and he disappears like Cap at the end of the war only to recently resurface as a player in recent Marvel politics. The problem with that is that wars end. The vessel by which Captain America was created, accepted, and loved is over destroying the need for his special brand of super hero. The good news is they didn’t try to port him into Vietnam (thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster). What they did was very smart. Cap falls into the North Atlantic Ocean (like Bucky) but is recovered years later and revived during 1964. He creates a super hero team called The Avengers, and thus, the modern interpretation of Captain America is born. He is portrayed as the least flawed of the big three Avengers (Iron Man, Thor, and Cap). He is the leader and believes in good over evil, working to punish the wicked (through the American legal system, of course). Since his regeneration, he has gone on many adventures with other heroes. Cap’s number one enemy (and the one portrayed in the upcoming film) is Red Skull. Red Skull is a Nazi scientist working on different projects for the Third Reich. He is the stereotypical mad scientist/bad guy who hates Captain America and is always stopped by him. In the recent death and rebirth of Captain America, he fights off Red Skull’s interest in taking over his body and becoming Captain America in an attempt to use his body for evil whims.

You know Cap, you can't always punch your problems away...

As Captain America evolves into Marvel writing, today he ends up facing off against Iron Man over a super hero registration act (dies), and during his return, he becomes the figurehead for S.H.I.E.L.D.

So serious...

The new film coming out for Marvel staring Chris Evans has me a bit more excited than Thor, and a little less excited than Iron Man. I will explain. When Iron Man 1 went into production it was competing with a realistic Batman brought to us by Christopher Nolan and Warner Brothers. That being said, it has been a few years since then, and I’m worried that Captain America will not follow as closely to the comics as it should, making it a bit too ridiculous. I’m excited to see how well they pair Cap and The Red Skull. As I’ve said before, I am not excited about Thor, but we shall have to wait and see how that goes before I truly judge.

Thanks! Any comments would be lovely, and I appreciate you reading.

Your Humble Servant,

Tucker Paul Stempler

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