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Thor: Why Marvel’s version isn’t the real Norse god, a brief history of the comic book character, and speculations on the film

Now I’m not saying that the Thor movie is going to be bad, but I am saying it could be (like any other film not yet released).  What’s important to know, is that Thor is never sent to Earth as a human version of himself for being arrogant towards his father (Odin).  Thor is sent to Earth as a medical student (having no idea that he is a god) named Donald Blake for being arrogant.  Big difference right?  I know, I know, not that huge, but still a point that very drastically changes Thor’s character.  It’s important to know the actual roots of the character Thor, and that is he is a Norse god. Continue reading


Television: Not Sure How I Feel About This One

Television is widely known as the idiot box or something turning our brains to mush making us all zombies!  I don’t subscribe necessarily to that radical belief, but I do believe too much television is bad.  Don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of amazing programs on the airwaves these days, but I feel as though this were something we should all take in moderation.  I know what you’re thinking, “But Tucker, I can’t live two seconds without remaining confused about the next episode of Lost!” You, sir or madam, have a problem.  It isn’t about making sure you view it the second you can or else you won’t be able to live.  It’s about appreciating the artistic value of the piece of writing/acting that counts. Continue reading

The Green Lantern Post (in anticipation for the film)

As far as superhero mythology goes, Green Lantern is a fuzzy one having his beginning in an issue of All-American Comics in 1940.  Yet, he is not the modern Green Lantern.  Alan Scott’s powers come from a magic lantern that he found in which he forged a magic ring.

I don't know what's more weird, Alan Scott (Green Lantern) running on a sky scraper beam, or the other guy shooting at him with a tommy gun... Somehow...

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