Science Fiction/Fantasy Romance and Why it Needs to Exist, Period.

Unless you really love Days of Our Lives, you don’t really want to watch or read something that is only straight romance and drama.  But, if you really love your intergalactic space battles, and your Helms Deep last stands, you still want to see characters getting their love thing on.  I mean, no one wants to turn on a film like Star Wars and not have Princess Leia tell Han Solo, “I love you,” and have him respond, “I know.”  That shit’s just a part of the magic!

Leia is so strong... Holding her recently thawed, blind boyfriend...

So!  As I was saying, romance in science fiction/fantasy is like jocks and sports, smart, arrogant kids and their “IB” programs, mothers and their M.A.D.D. (not M.A.D. or Mutually Assured Destruction, I doubt mothers would be ok with that), Mel Brooks and funny, Thanksgiving and football, Joanie and Chachi, Harold and fucking Maude (not Harold having sex with Maude, but you get the message *shudder*)!

They say love knows no age...

Look at both Star Wars trilogies.  I mean, try to look at episodes one through three.  If you can’t, I understand, but try!  There is an underlying love story that supports all of the strings that streamline the plot.  Think about it: in episodes four through six (the real ones) if Han didn’t fall in love with Princess Leia, he wouldn’t have saved Luke from Darth Vader, and the first Deathstar would have never been blown to smithereens (always wanted to use that word *checks it off the list*).  Even in episodes one through three (the fake trilogy), without Anakin’s super wussy emotional attachment to Padme he would have never turned into Darth Vader, allowing for episodes four through six to make sense.  See it all comes together!  Avatar, Star Trek, Bicentennial Man, Space Balls, The Truman Show, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind, and Army of Darkness are just a few sci-fi/fantasy stories that hold a very romantic story close to its chest.  Just remember, if things are being blown up, if people are being stricken down all around, if all you believe to be true is fantasy, or everything is in your mind then there will most likely be two people mad enough to make out in the middle of it.

As always, if I forgot the most important part of this post, and in your eyes I remain ignorant until it is fixed,  please, please let me know!

Your humble servant,

Tucker Paul Stempler

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