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Science Fiction/Fantasy Romance and Why it Needs to Exist, Period.

Unless you really love Days of Our Lives, you don’t really want to watch or read something that is only straight romance and drama.  But, if you really love your intergalactic space battles, and your Helms Deep last stands, you still want to see characters getting their love thing on.  I mean, no one wants to turn on a film like Star Wars and not have Princess Leia tell Han Solo, “I love you,” and have him respond, “I know.”  That shit’s just a part of the magic! Continue reading


Hiatus: I Need to Do Graduate School Crap

Hello everyone, you may remember me as someone who actually wrote on this blog. This semester has been kicking my ass… So, as of right now, I need to focus on that and getting my graduate school applications in on time.

Always yours,
Your humble servant,
All of my love,
Tucker Paul Stempler

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