Pulp Fiction: The Gateway Drug to Geekery

I know what your thinking.  Pulp Fiction doesn’t exactly scream fan-boy or dungeon master (we’ll go over those later).  What it does represent is an easing into embracing your geekiness without feeling like you aren’t in Kansas anymore.  The film Pulp Fiction was put out by movie maker heartthrob (not sure how valid that is) Quentin Tarantino. All of his films are 100% reflexive of his own geeking out on his favorite films growing up.  Although he is completely original and puts out excellent work, it is difficult to say that Tarantino’s movies are completely their own.  He finds a humongous amount of inspiration in the films he loves and creates something fantastic out of it.  Remember kids just because your idea isn’t original doesn’t mean it cannot be creative.

Now, Pulp Fiction to me remains a great gateway to geekery because the story conventions are hard not to love.  Each character has some level of hilarity involved to keep the audience interested, there is an amount of drama involved to keep the sensitive ones invested and violence to keep the macho people pleased.  Also, the concept of multiple story lines allows viewers to more easily find a character they can invest in (which is very, very important).  Pulp Fiction is easily considered a favorite of geeks and non-geeks alike (maybe thats why it’s my first legit post?). Yet, it consistently flies under the radar (review my first post to understand meaning).  Here is a trailer to the film generously donated by youtube (not really donated):

Cool effin’ trailer huh?  So, what you need to do is either buy this film (used copies run about 7-12 dollars) or rent it.  Watch it and come back here telling me why you didn’t like it, why you were confused or how it changed your life.

Term of the week: Tarantino -verb- to show the film in seemingly unpredictable order instead of linearly to throw off the audiences concept of time.

“Lucy totally Tarantinoed that story by telling me the events out of order.”

Your humble servant,

Tucker Paul Stempler

    • Laura Ammon
    • April 6th, 2010

    Love Pulp Fiction. I haven’t seen it in ages but the scene I remember most is the dance scene between Travolta and Thurman; he looks so sauve in the suit and the sun glasses.

    The Term of the Week will be a cool regular feature of your essays (provided that’s your plan). I am looking forward to what’s next.

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