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Zombies, Anyone?

Damn Starcraft…. taking up all of my free time…. Oh hey! I just finished all of my final papers and have recently become attached to this blasted game Starcraft 2.  No, no the game isn’t out yet, it’s a beta.  A beta, for some video games, is a rough cut of what a production teams wants feedback from to make the game better for consumers.  We get to play it for free and tell them what they are doing right and wrong.  It’s pretty cool.  Anyway, back to where the title of this post comes in… ZOMBIES!! Continue reading


Spaced – An Introduction to British Geekiness

I wanted to devote a post to British comedy and British television in general, but there is just so much to say (probably something I should have done with the Robin post).  So, I’m going to take my time.  The first of many posts to come on British geekery is on Spaced, a television show directed by Edgar Wright and written by Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson (now Hynes) before anyone knew who they were.  Don’t know who they are (how could you?!)? No problem (actually, big problem, but I’ll let it slide), they’ve teamed up to bring you instant classics like Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Every great mind started somewhere, and these great minds started here. Continue reading

The Many Lives of Robin: Boy(?) Wonder

Phew, I can tell you are totally relieved.  What was that crap about Pulp Fiction anyway?  Well here you go, my dedicated (or soon to be dedicated) readers, a bit to read about some characters from the more well known comic book franchise of the last 71 years.  One day years ago (before I was born) in 1940, Dick Grayson (The first Robin) was introduced as Batman’s “sidekick”.  That’s a lot of info to take in I know…  Something I’ve always thought was weird about comics in the early days was this overwhelming interest in many superheros requiring a child sidekick.  Dick Grayson was like 10 when he started fighting crime with Batman (Bruce Wayne, but you guys hopefully know that by now thanks to the films).  I guess the 40’s were a more innocent time, but gangsters still had guns and definitely killed people. Continue reading

Pulp Fiction: The Gateway Drug to Geekery

I know what your thinking.  Pulp Fiction doesn’t exactly scream fan-boy or dungeon master (we’ll go over those later).  What it does represent is an easing into embracing your geekiness without feeling like you aren’t in Kansas anymore.  The film Pulp Fiction was put out by movie maker heartthrob (not sure how valid that is) Quentin Tarantino. Continue reading

Why am I here?

I’m beginning this blog based on two different instances of random inspiration found during my day.  First, a very amazing professor of mine encouraged me to write about different comic book characters, story conventions, story history, and just geekitude all around.  I have a passion for both graphic novels and comic books (the difference will be explained I promise you).  With this passion comes the responsibility to help as many people as I can who are interested in breaking into geek culture and unaware of where to start.  My idea is to give the non-geek cool insight to the blockbuster movies they’ve come to love, like Iron Man, Batman, Watchmen, 300, Sin City, and so many more. Secondly,  while walking into my Literary Interpretations class, I was wearing a hilarious t-shirt with Burt/John Travolta and Ernie/Samuel Jackson as they were about to kill the idiot who missed shooting them with a .357 magnum.  I received a welcome compliment on the shirt followed by a student who has never seen Pulp Fiction, and then another student interjected with having never witnessed the film.  For a third time, I was astonished to meet someone who hadn’t watched it in all of its glory.  It was at this moment I decided it was my duty to try and connect with those wishing to geek out every now and again without the means to find geeks to teach them the ways of geekinit.  This first blog marks the birth of GeekinIt, and will hopefully not be the last.  (After acquiring a fan base) I’d love to hear from those reading and tackle topics that matter to you or answer your embarrassing questions or argue different points.  Moving from films to comics/graphic novels, literature, and anything else awesome, I will do my best to bring information to the masses.

Your humble servant,

Tucker Paul Stempler

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